Special Decorations

Use the delivery contact form to select a delivery date of at least 72 hours from order date.

Be advise all specialty items require 48 hours notice and hold a minimum of a half dozen of a singular flavor. For more information email us below or call 928-345-8194.

If you do not hear from us within 24 hours after your order has been placed, call us via phone or email to confirm our receipt of your order.

Size Single Layer
(2IN Tall)
Double Layer
(4IN Tall)
6 Inches 5-6 10-12
8 Inches 10-12 20-24
10 Inches 14-19 28-38
12 Inches 20-28 40-56
1/4 Sheet 9X13 Inches 18-20 36-40
1/2 Sheet 12X18 Inches 36-40 72-80